Sketch Artist

We are looking for a sketch artist capable of drawing clean black and white sketches of buildings and structures in our game.


  • This is a paid commission.
  • Your sketch will be used as the base for different background locations in the game. Example of a sketch
  • When creating your artwork, keep in mind that it will have to be functional in that the player should feel they are there (drawn from an eye-level view). Example of backgrounds
  • Your sketch will need to be clean, in black and white, and with as much detail as possible.
  • We are only looking for a sketch artist for the exterior and the interior of buildings.
  • Although we might commission you again in the future, for the moment, this is a one-time commission only.
  • You must have played our game before sending us your artwork and be familiar with our approach and style.
  • Your work will be used and modified by our artist to create artworks.
  • Your sketch will be used in an adult game with pornographic content.
  • You must be comfortable communicating via Discord. Our server’s invite
  • We accept sketches made both digitally and using traditional media.

To apply, you must join our Discord server and send @Chestnut#5949:

  • Your art portfolio
  • A detailed sketch of the marketplace as an in-game background. See this template
  • Your rate on a per sketch basis
  • Your speed of delivery

Note: we will use your sketch of the marketplace to evaluate whether your style and capabilities match our game and approach. But that is only a sample used for this evaluation, and we will not use your art without your permission and agreement.