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0.6.04 patch

Compressed (0.6.04)

The compressed versions are similar to the base game in all but their use of lossy webp images.

All links below are unofficial releases.

Android – 0.6.01 – by Roy

If your device crashes or has performance issues, please download the low-frame or the legacy SDK version (note: the old save files are incompatible with the legacy port).


Russian translation by Helios:

Spanish translation by Moskys; the APK port by Helios:

Portuguese translation by Oregano; the APK port by Helios:

Turkish translation by 𝕂𝕒𝕒𝕟:

Polish translation by Eskel:


  • This game contains sexual content, bad language, drugs, alcohol, and a whole lot of other things that you may find obscene, offensive, or downright absurd. If you’re a minor, a prude, a pampered petunia, or simply not into porn games, then don’t download it.
  • This game is still very much in the beta stage and many of its features are experimental. So be warned that some things may be broken. If you find a bug, consider reporting it on our Discord server’s bug channel so that we can fix it ASAP.


May contain spoilers

WaL 0.1

  • Prologue and introduction
  • Maple’s introductory quest-line
  • Main story’s introductory quest-line (unfinished)
  • Female characters: Serena the princess, Serena in disguise, Rose the gypsy, Myrtle the woodcutter’s wife, Lana the beggar, Holly the shepherdess, Maple the pixie
  • Male characters: MC, Kevin the guard, Waldo the gatekeeper, Junior the hunter
  • Maps: world map, the Old Capital, the wood, and the village
  • Locations: bridge, gate, wall, gypsy’s wagon, woodcutter’s hut, inside woodcutter’s hut, riverside, shepherdess’s shack, grasslands, tree, forest, pixie path, Serena’s room, and MC’s tent
  • Five CV achievements
  • Two beds (one unlockable)
  • Spying + masturbation: Serena
  • Vaginal sex: Maple
  • Spying (naked): Myrtle
  • Estimated playtime: for a dialogue reader 30-40 minutes

WaL 0.2

  • The main story’s quest from 0.1 is continued
  • One think quest, and a lot of linear content
  • New female characters: Anne, the welcome whore, Madeline, the Lady, Gomira, the mercenary
  • New male characters: Biggs and Wedge, guards
  • Locations: the cave in the woods, the dungeon, Carn Alley in the Sweat dist.
  • Five new CV achievements
  • Handjob: Rose
  • Blowjob: Anne
  • Glory-hole (oral): Gomira
  • Estimated playtime: for a dialogue reader about 40-60 minutes

WaL 0.3

  • 3 new locations: the mudbank, the well, the matchmaker’s;
  • 3 new characters: Celestina, Abe, Gretta
  • 3 sex scenes: titjob (Serena), vaginal sex (Celestina), dry hump (Holly);
  • 1 think quest;
  • 1 hidden photo;
  • 1 new bed at Holly’s where you can sleep or pass the time;
  • 2 new splash arts;
  • 5 new achievements;
  • Crystal ball added to the bag;
  • Cutscenes added to the crystal ball;
  • Possibility to delete saves (by hovering over them and pressing the Delete button on PC);
  • Placeholder image for blank save files;
  • CV achievements’ titles and descriptions are hidden until collected;
  • Now new characters’ screens in the crystal ball need to be unlocked by meeting them first (testing to apply this to all characters in the future);

WaL 0.4

  • 2 new locations: woodcutter’s living room, woodcutter’s bedroom;
  • 3 new characters: Hammerdick, George, Tree;
  • 7 sex scenes (all Myrtle): masturbation, blowjob, toying, vaginal (3), anal;
  • 3 new quests;
  • 3 hidden photo;
  • 2 new beds;
  • 2 new splash arts;
  • 5 new achievements;
  • Quality of life improvements: UI clock, hidden photo hints in the album;

WaL 0.5

  • A new female character: Simmone Hammerdick (Lord Hammerdick’s daughter)
  • Two new male auxiliary characters: Sev, and Karl.
  • Six new sex scenes: five with Lana (oral, vaginal, boob), and one with Simmone (hand).
  • Six new locations (12 backgrounds in total): the marketplace, the dungeon, the city hall, behind the city hall, outside of the inn, and the Cursed Mansion, which itself contains 7 backgrounds.
  • Two characters have their hidden photos: Rose and Madeline.
  • One new splash art (Simmone)
  • Eight new achievements
  • Quality of life improvements (increasing the number pages for saves, notification icon in the hint screen to show unfinished quests, pop-op notification when collecting all photos and opening the album, change the main character’s name from the preferences screen)

WaL 0.6

  • About 50k new words
  • Seven new sex scenes with Rose: vaginal, anal, oral, and boob (including two scenes in a threesome with Myrtle)
  • Three hidden photos: Anne, Serena, Simmone
  • One new sprite for the Main Character
  • One new sprite for Rose
  • Two new male characters: Jebediah, Abu Gadu
  • Six new locations: Raventrove, The Doorway, The Twins’, Inside of the Wagon, The Fork, The Swoon Tree
  • One new Map: Cin Town
  • Two think quests
  • One craft quest
  • Five achievements
  • New patron avatars
  • New music tracks and sound effects
  • Quality of life improvements: changing the world map icon, adding a guide for the first player choice dialogue (intro)
  • Fixing/improving typos, bugs, and artworks from previous releases
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the crafting cabinet from being used
  • Fixed an issue with Anne’s bell allowing free-roaming and breaking the dungeon event
  • Fixed an issue with Rose’s the sex animation during repeatable scenes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the threesome scene from being shown
  • Fixed Jeb’s missing bandages
  • Fixed the issue with Myrtle’s bed sex scene not appearing correctly when repeated after a scene with Rose
  • Fixed typos and other grammatical issues
  • Changed ‘exorcist’ to ‘sexorcist’
  • In the prologue, the MC is aged by one year: he was not allowed to be in the brothel’s main halls until after he was 18, and he left for the New Capital on his nineteenth birthday
  • For his nineteenth birthday, his moms were going to throw a surprise orgy for him involving the newer girls in the brothel (instead of themselves)
  • The MC does not play with the sleeping Lana’s breasts before trying to steal her bottle
  • Before having sex with Maple, a few lines have been added to establish that despite shrinking, his mind was not impacted by the influence of her pixie magic
  • Fixed references to the home brothel and the first encounter with Lana on the bridge to match 0.6.03’s changes