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Download What a Legend 0.6.02

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Windows & Linux


0.6.02 bugfix patch

For playing who had earlier downloaded the 0.6 or the 0.6.01 version.

Compressed (0.6.02)

The compressed versions are similar to the base game in all but their use of lossy webp images.

All links below are unofficial releases.

Android – 0.6.01 – by Roy

If your device crashes or has performance issues, please download the low-frame or the legacy SDK version (note: the old save files are incompatible with the legacy port).


Russian translation by Helios:

Spanish translation by Moskys; the APK port by Helios:

Portuguese translation by Oregano; the APK port by Helios:

Turkish translation by 𝕂𝕒𝕒𝕟:


  • This game contains sexual content, bad language, drugs, alcohol, and a whole lot of other things that you may find obscene, offensive, or downright absurd. If you’re a minor, a prude, a pampered petunia, or simply not into porn games, then don’t download it.
  • This game is still very much in the beta stage and many of its features are experimental. So be warned that some things may be broken. If you find a bug, consider reporting it on our Discord server’s bug channel so that we can fix it ASAP.


May contain spoilers

WaL 0.1

  • Prologue and introduction
  • Maple’s introductory quest-line
  • Main story’s introductory quest-line (unfinished)
  • Female characters: Serena the princess, Serena in disguise, Rose the gypsy, Myrtle the woodcutter’s wife, Lana the beggar, Holly the shepherdess, Maple the pixie
  • Male characters: MC, Kevin the guard, Waldo the gatekeeper, Junior the hunter
  • Maps: world map, the Old Capital, the wood, and the village
  • Locations: bridge, gate, wall, gypsy’s wagon, woodcutter’s hut, inside woodcutter’s hut, riverside, shepherdess’s shack, grasslands, tree, forest, pixie path, Serena’s room, and MC’s tent
  • Five CV achievements
  • Two beds (one unlockable)
  • Spying + masturbation: Serena
  • Vaginal sex: Maple
  • Spying (naked): Myrtle
  • Estimated playtime: for a dialogue reader 30-40 minutes

WaL 0.2

  • The main story’s quest from 0.1 is continued
  • One think quest, and a lot of linear content
  • New female characters: Anne, the welcome whore, Madeline, the Lady, Gomira, the mercenary
  • New male characters: Biggs and Wedge, guards
  • Locations: the cave in the woods, the dungeon, Carn Alley in the Sweat dist.
  • Five new CV achievements
  • Handjob: Rose
  • Blowjob: Anne
  • Glory-hole (oral): Gomira
  • Estimated playtime: for a dialogue reader about 40-60 minutes

WaL 0.3

  • 3 new locations: the mudbank, the well, the matchmaker’s;
  • 3 new characters: Celestina, Abe, Gretta
  • 3 sex scenes: titjob (Serena), vaginal sex (Celestina), dry hump (Holly);
  • 1 think quest;
  • 1 hidden photo;
  • 1 new bed at Holly’s where you can sleep or pass the time;
  • 2 new splash arts;
  • 5 new achievements;
  • Crystal ball added to the bag;
  • Cutscenes added to the crystal ball;
  • Possibility to delete saves (by hovering over them and pressing the Delete button on PC);
  • Placeholder image for blank save files;
  • CV achievements’ titles and descriptions are hidden until collected;
  • Now new characters’ screens in the crystal ball need to be unlocked by meeting them first (testing to apply this to all characters in the future);

WaL 0.4

  • 2 new locations: woodcutter’s living room, woodcutter’s bedroom;
  • 3 new characters: Hammerdick, George, Tree;
  • 7 sex scenes (all Myrtle): masturbation, blowjob, toying, vaginal (3), anal;
  • 3 new quests;
  • 3 hidden photo;
  • 2 new beds;
  • 2 new splash arts;
  • 5 new achievements;
  • Quality of life improvements: UI clock, hidden photo hints in the album;

WaL 0.5

  • A new female character: Simmone Hammerdick (Lord Hammerdick’s daughter)
  • Two new male auxiliary characters: Sev, and Karl.
  • Six new sex scenes: five with Lana (oral, vaginal, boob), and one with Simmone (hand).
  • Six new locations (12 backgrounds in total): the marketplace, the dungeon, the city hall, behind the city hall, outside of the inn, and the Cursed Mansion, which itself contains 7 backgrounds.
  • Two characters have their hidden photos: Rose and Madeline.
  • One new splash art (Simmone)
  • Eight new achievements
  • Quality of life improvements (increasing the number pages for saves, notification icon in the hint screen to show unfinished quests, pop-op notification when collecting all photos and opening the album, change the main character’s name from the preferences screen)

WaL 0.6

  • About 50k new words
  • Seven new sex scenes with Rose: vaginal, anal, oral, and boob (including two scenes in a threesome with Myrtle)
  • Three hidden photos: Anne, Serena, Simmone
  • One new sprite for the Main Character
  • One new sprite for Rose
  • Two new male characters: Jebediah, Abu Gadu
  • Six new locations: Raventrove, The Doorway, The Twins’, Inside of the Wagon, The Fork, The Swoon Tree
  • One new Map: Cin Town
  • Two think quests
  • One craft quest
  • Five achievements
  • New patron avatars
  • New music tracks and sound effects
  • Quality of life improvements: changing the world map icon, adding a guide for the first player choice dialogue (intro)
  • Fixing/improving typos, bugs, and artworks from previous releases
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the crafting cabinet from being used
  • Fixed an issue with Anne’s bell allowing free-roaming and breaking the dungeon event
  • Fixed an issue with Rose’s the sex animation during repeatable scenes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the threesome scene from being shown
  • Fixed Jeb’s missing bandages
  • Fixed the issue with Myrtle’s bed sex scene not appearing correctly when repeated after a scene with Rose
  • Fixed typos and other grammatical issues
  • Changed ‘exorcist’ to ‘sexorcist’