WaL 0.6

  • About 50k new words
  • Seven new sex scenes with Rose: vaginal, anal, oral, and boob (including two scenes in a threesome with Myrtle)
  • Three hidden photos: Anne, Serena, Simmone
  • One new sprite for the Main Character
  • One new sprite for Rose
  • Two new male characters: Jebediah, Abu Gadu
  • Six new locations: Raventrove, The Doorway, The Twins’, Inside of the Wagon, The Fork, The Swoon Tree
  • One new Map: Cin Town
  • Two think quests
  • One craft quest
  • Five achievements
  • New patron avatars
  • New music tracks and sound effects
  • Quality of life improvements: changing the world map icon, adding a guide for the first player choice dialogue (intro)
  • Fixing/improving typos, bugs, and artworks from previous releases
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the crafting cabinet from being used
  • Fixed an issue with Anne’s bell allowing free-roaming and breaking the dungeon event
  • Fixed an issue with Rose’s the sex animation during repeatable scenes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the threesome scene from being shown
  • Fixed Jeb’s missing bandages
  • Fixed the issue with Myrtle’s bed sex scene not appearing correctly when repeated after a scene with Rose
  • Fixed typos and other grammatical issues
  • Changed ‘exorcist’ to ‘sexorcist’